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Philip M. Goldstein
Marrietta, GA


checkmark We have installed high visibility street signs with street numbers in order to make it easier to find a street and safer to drive.
checkmark Philip has pushed for and supported construction of numerous turn lanes to improve the flow of traffic and to make it safer to make turning movements. Those include the turn lanes on Roswell Street, Aviation and Franklin Gateway to name a few.
checkmark Philip has pushed for and supported many sidewalk projects to make it safer to walk.
checkmark Philip supported increased code enforcement to help solve problems generated from run down housing.
checkmark Philip supported construction of the Marietta Conference Center and Resort in 1995 so that Marietta could attract more tourists and conference groups.
checkmark Philip is continuing to work on installation of sidewalks (where needed), pushing for bike paths, and passing turn lanes in order to make it safer and easier to travel.
checkmark Marietta has among the lowest property taxes in the Metro Atlanta area. We are continuing to offer better services, such as back yard garbage pickup, that other areas no longer offer.
checkmark Continues to push for the City to stay up with improving technology.
checkmark Pushed for open and public access to the city's records on the Internet.
checkmark Marietta has received a AA bond rating from Standard and Poor's and Fitch Investor Services. Few other cities in Georgia have an equal or better rating.





"Thank You, for allowing me the privilege of serving as YOUR COUNCILMAN!"
Philip M. Goldstein

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